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Our investment strategy is to locate undervalued multifamily apartment properties, stabilize, and then create value by updating the property, cutting expenses and improving overall income. Our investors value our expertise in our diligent underwriting research process to acquire high quality properties with strong cash flow.


We have proprietary software using our own algorithms to search public records and locate the best values from highly motivated sellers. Furthermore, our business relationships with local attorneys and bankers give us access to buying assets at deep discounts.


The average acquisition purchase price is 60 – 70% of the fair market value. Our qualified team looks for these types of assets across the South Florida—meaning a diverse portfolio that is more resilient to the ebb and flow of the real estate market. We are a boutique asset manager that is offering an investment vehicle for qualified investors to participate.
Investors can access this carefully selected and closely guarded portfolio of secured income-producing real estate by participating in an equity position. We have other options for investors, in which we borrow capital at an above average interest rate.   

Become an equity investor

  • Do you have extra money sitting around (IRA, Savings Account, CD, 401K)?
  • Are you tired of getting 2% of annual interest in your savings account or CDs?
  • Are you tired of the ups and downs in the stock market?


If you have funds available in cash, even through your self-directed IRA or an old 401k, we can help! Put your money to work for you and higher than market returns on conservative investments secured by real estate. We are experienced real estate investors and are looking for people with capital to privately fund real estate deals in the Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.


We are seeking private lenders with a minimum of $200,000 that want to invest in funding real estate deals; primarily multifamily apartment buildings. Your loan will be secured by a collateralized first mortgage giving you comfort and security in your investment. Our in-house attorneys, will issue title insurance, hazard insurance, and all other required legal documents in order to close on all of our property transactions. We offer other options to invest with us, as equity partners as well.  Contact us if you would like more information on how you can participate in our investment fund.

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